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Blog Post: List of Training Topics


Below is a list of the topics Icarella's Nany Training Institute covers during training for childcare providers who work within homes, companies, and school facilities.

  1. Introduction to Professional Childcare
  2. Understanding Stages of Development
    1. Infant
    2. Toddler/ Preschooler
    3. School Age
  3. Supporting Learning
    1. Infant Stimulation
    2. Responsive Care
    3. Creative Play
    4. Managing Routines and Homework Assistance
  4. Health and Safety
    1. Fire Safety
    2. Pediatrics First Aid
    3. Managing Infectious Diseases
    4. Food Handling Safety
    5. Medication Administering
    6. Disaster and Accident Prevention
    7. Common Skin Infections in Early Childhood
  5. Early Childhood Nutrition: Theory and practical classes
  6. Managing Separation Anxiety in Early Years Childcare Settings
  7. Icarella Code of conduct
  8. Managing Challenging Behavior
  9. Toilet/Potty Training
  10. Home-based Childcare Setup and Management
  11. Introduction to Caring for children with special needs
  12. Nanny interaction with families
  13. Understanding and Managing sleep in early childhood
  14. Hygiene in Childcare
  15. Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Process in Childcare Settings
  16. Nanny Ettiquette
  17. Temprament, Socioemotional development and Childcare
  18. The Child's Right and Protection issues